Saving My Wife


I am unequally yoked for, now, thirty years with my second wife. Although she claims to be an atheist, I believe she tends more to agnosticism. She claims things of a “spiritual” nature hold no attraction or importance in her life. Yet, she responds with hostility and even anger when the issue is even mentioned.

My wife’s hostility to the mention of spiritual matters leads me to believe she is not entirely persuaded that God does not exist, but I still see nothing apart from His intervention to allow her to consider her need for salvation.

My question, then, is there any way, except by a spiritual awakening by God Himself, to “reach” an atheist who, by the nature of her unbelief, is unaware of a need for salvation? Can one do anything except pray for God’s intervention in the case of a person who resists even the mention of things of a spiritual nature?


There are only 3 things we can do to influence another person in this area. The first is to explain the gospel, the second is to demonstrate it in our own lives, and the third is to pray.

You’re right, the hostility is based in uncertainty. But it’s also a sign of polarization, forcing the other person into a more extreme position than they would otherwise take. Eventually it becomes impossible to retreat from such a position.

You’ve completed steps 1 and 2, now it’s time to focus on step 3. Pray.