Scars And Amputations In Heaven?


Based on my interpretation of Matt 18:8-9, Mark 9:43-45 and John 20:25-27 I’ve concluded that our so-called incorruptible/glorified body will bear all the scars and amputations of our fleshly body. What do you think?



Matt 18:8-9 and Mark 9:43-45 are parallel passages where the Lord was saying if our hands or feet or even our eyes cause us to sin we should amputate them. But it is commonly understood that our limbs don’t cause us to sin. Sin originates in our heart (Matt. 15:19, Mark 7:21). Therefore cutting our limbs off would not keep us from sinning.

I haven’t seen any accounts of examples at any time during the Church Age where His advice was taken literally. Most commentators conclude that Jesus was speaking metaphorically, telling us to go to whatever lengths that are necessary to rid our lives of the things of this world that tempt us to sin.

In John 20:25-27 Thomas refused to believe Jesus had risen from the dead unless he saw the scars in His hands and side. When he saw them he believed. The fact that Jesus still carries the marks of His ordeal is a specific case, not necessarily a general principle. There was an important theological reason for His scars, but there is none for ours.

I don’t think you have a valid reason for your conclusion.