Seal Up Vision And Prophecy


I have a question regarding your article about the Great Pause. In Daniel 9:24 where it says “to seal-up vision and prophecy”, does that mean that Jesus fulfilled the vision and prophecy spoken of Him in the Old Testament, or that vision and prophecy were to be sealed-up?


Sealing up vision and prophecy is one of the six things that will be accomplished by the end of Daniel’s 70th week. A letter was sealed when the author had said everything he intended to say, so in that sense we can assume there will be no more prophecy after the end of the 70th Week, which coincides with the Second Coming. Therefore, that’s when vision and prophecy will be sealed up.

In Zech. 13:1-5 we’re told that at the 2nd Coming the Lord will remove the prophets from Israel. From that time forward prophecy will be a capital crime because by definition it will be false. Men will be ashamed of any prophetic visions they might have and their own parents will report them to the authorities, or even personally kill them.