Second Rapture?


I was reading your answer to a question regarding the saved that arrive in Heaven after the Rapture but before the great tribulation begins. You used Rev. 7:9-17. Am I correct in assuming that by your answer, they will all arrive at one time? To me that sounds like a second rapture event.


The post Church believers of Rev. 7 are martyrs who will have lost their lives during the Seal judgments. Rev. 6:8 says one fourth of the world will be involved in warfare, famine and plague caused by these judgments. Regardless of attempts by some to separate the Rapture of the Church into two events, there is no Biblical support for such teaching.

John didn’t say that all these martyrs arrived in Heaven at the same time, but only that he saw them all together before the Throne of God. Also, the fact that their destiny is to serve God day and night in His Temple (Rev. 7:15) but they are not called kings or priests makes it clear they’re not part of the Church.