Sharing The Temple?


I just read an article regarding the Temple Institute and the money it has spent preparing for the 3rd temple. It said the Institute intends to build the temple for all monotheistic religions to come worship, which clearly includes Muslims. It says that Al Aqsa can stay, and they will build right next to it, maybe even somehow incorporating it into the temple.

Also, the article said that a leading journal of the religious law in Israel envisioned a situation where an “authentic prophet” receives a “holy revelation” to build the temple in peaceful proximity to the Al-Aqsa mosque and nearby Christian shrines. This, of course, could be the antichrist or the false prophet. For some reason, this struck me hard. For the first time, I can see how soon the temple could be rebuilt and how it could be built under peaceful conditions. I didn’t realize the Temple Institute’s intentions to allow other religions to worship and pray in the temple. What are your thoughts on this?


Don’t hold your breath on this one. This article is chock full of hypotheses, what if’s, and politically correct musings that are a long way from becoming fact. The so-called Interfaith Encounter Association is a group of liberals who actually expect the God of Israel to share to share His glory with another, when historically He has refused to do such a thing in no uncertain terms (Isaiah 42:8). We don’t even need to mention what the leaders of Islam would say to this. Share is not part of their vocabulary either. Once God has revealed Himself to Israel again and brought them back into their covenant relationship, all this ecumenical talk will be seen for what it is … the wishful thinking of naive unbelievers.