Should I Get A Divorce?


I got married @17 in 1976. I committed adultery and left my husband 10 yrs later. Because he is catholic he won’t divorce me and I can’t afford the cost because I live on a fixed amount of income. I lived with boyfriends through out the separation, but 2 yrs ago I ended a live in relationship of 14 yrs because I gave my life to the Lord. We are friends as he understands my faith but it doesn’t mean he’s happy about it. My only husband, is an alcoholic now and I think he has forgiven me. I did ask for his forgiveness and said we were just to young when we married. Neither of us have a desire to remarry. Is a divorce still necessary?


As long as neither of you has a desire for a divorce, then there’s no reason to get one. Apparently your husband has Biblical grounds (you didn’t indicate whether you do) but while divorce is authorized under those circumstances, it’s not mandatory. In 1 Cor. 7:10-11 Paul said that a woman who separates from her husband should stay unmarried unless they can be reconciled. But this doesn’t mean “live-in” boyfriends are OK. Although all your sins are forgiven, you did the right thing by ending that kind of relationship when you became a believer.