What If I Divorce Her?


I have been married for 9 years. Last year I discovered my wife lost her virginity to a non-believer 3 weeks before our wedding. God had revealed it to me in a dream prior to the wedding, but she had denied ever sleeping with any one. The question is if I choose to divorce her will I commit a sin? What about the forgiveness of 70 times 7?


Since you were both committed to the marriage when this happened, I believe you have Biblical grounds for a divorce. But this doesn’t mean you have to divorce her. You can forgive her if you choose to. I assume that for nine years she has been a good and faithful wife. That should count for something. I commend you for going very slowly on this. Although you can’t control your current feelings, you can choose not to act on them. Ask the Lord to guide you toward the decision that pleases Him, and you’ll be blessed by following His lead.