Should I Keep Spending Time With An Unbeliever?


I am a believer in Christ who is married to a believer. My husband and I invite all of our friends to attend our assembly and all but two have done so. A few days ago one of the two came to visit. She said she would never visit any ones “church” because of how the pastors behave. One of our other friends who was there asked if she was an atheist. She stated that she was sometimes.

Would it be wise to continue to spending time with her? I personally feel that she should not be welcome in our home. But my husband feels that the visits should continue because he wants to show her an example of a believing couple. What do you think?


First let me say that you can’t be an atheist “sometimes” just like you can’t be a believer sometimes. A person either believes or doesn’t. And saying she won’t visit any church because of “the way pastors behave” is a really flimsy excuse. I think your friend is just using these excuses to avoid making a decision.

I suggest that you lovingly call her to account on these matters. Maybe you can get to the real reason she’s avoiding making a decision about receiving the pardon for her sins that Jesus already purchased for her with His life.

Obviously, you and your husband will want to spend some time in prayer about this before taking action. But if you can get through to her and have a real discussion about her eternal destiny, you might be able to help her change it. If not, then you can agree to disagree and decide at that point whether to continue spending time with her.