Should We Pray For The Rapture?


Does it make sense to pray for a soon -possibly the soonest- rapture? I mean, can we influence with our prayer the timing of the rapture? I know that it is based on the number of the people who get saved and will be part of the church and I know that God knows all these persons. So, does a kind of request to the Lord make sense, if we pray for that regularly and ask Him to speed up things with these people and all the necessary processes too? Will He speed up things and a much sooner rapture is possible if we pray for it?


Yes it makes sense to pray for the Rapture to come sooner, especially since it’s not scheduled for a particular date. By doing so you’re acknowledging where your true citizenship is and asking to come home. And God has said in several places that our prayers can change things. Speeding up the timing of the Rapture would mean bringing people into the Kingdom faster, something He also wants.