Pray Without Ceasing


Thank you so much for this website. I really appreciate the opportunity to ask Bible-based questions!

My question is about the manner I assume for prayer. Sometimes I have a quiet time put aside for prayer. Other times, I pray while I am doing other “light” things, such as showering or housework. Occasionally I wonder if this is being disrespectful to God or I am just being old-fashioned? Do you have any thoughts or opinions on this?


1 Thessalonians 5:17 admonishes us to pray without ceasing. Obviously that doesn’t mean we’re to spend our lives on our knees dressed in our Sunday best ignoring all of our other responsibilities.

It means we’re to have a never ending conversation with our Creator as if He’s our best friend and always at our side. Because He is.

He wants to help you pick out that new dress or decide what to have for dinner. He wants to find you a parking spot on a busy street, pass the time with you when you’re stuck in traffic, laugh with you when you’re happy and sympathize with you when you’re sad.

He wants to help you solve problems at work, and to find you a better job when you hit a dead end in your current one.

He wants to stretch your money when there’s not enough to go around, and caution you when you’re spending unwisely.

In short, He wants to be your constant companion, involved in everything you do.

Because of the Cross, He’s no longer a distant Father, but an intimate Dad. Don’t give up your scheduled prayer time, but during the rest of your day relax and enjoy His company.