Married, Without Children


I am a Christian and my husband is Muslim. We’ve been married almost 6 years now. We’ve both always wanted children, but have been avoiding it for the obvious reasons of how they will be raised morally and religiously. Neither of us want to budge either way. What does the Bible say about marriage issues such as this?



Putting the cultural differences aside, I believe the Bible teaches that all children have eternal life until they reach the age where they can understand the sin / salvation issue. At that point they have to decide for themselves about their eternal destiny.

Islam teaches that Muslims will either spend eternity in Paradise or Hell depending on if their good deeds in life outweigh their bad ones.

Christianity teaches that the only way to Heaven is to believe Jesus died for our sins and rose again.

That’s where you’ll have problems, because if you’re both serious about your beliefs, then you each believe your spouse’s religion is false.

Neither of you wants to yield to the other in how you would raise your children, because neither of you wants to bear children believing they’ll go to Hell forever if they follow the other parent’s religion.

You’re smart to have delayed beginning a family until this is resolved. The more dedicated you both are to your own religion, the bigger this problem will be. You may eventually decide to remain childless.