Should We Stay Or Go?


The church that our family attends is a typical Baptist church. We have attended for several years and even teach Sunday school there, but the people of the church are just going through the traditional motions. There is no excitement, no anticipation of Christ’s return, and the children’s ministry consists of coloring pictures and eating snacks. There’s a larger Baptist church down the road. We would love to go there instead because there’s excitement, anticipation, and great teaching for adults and children both. The problem is that we feel an obligation to teach our class (high school & college age), and feel like we’re abandoning them by leaving. How should we handle this?


If you believe God called you to teach in your current church, then you’re obligated to stay until he releases you. If not then you aren’t. You may only be staying where you are out of loyalty to your students. But they may only be there out of loyalty to you. The only way you’ll know for sure what God wants is to ask Him and wait for a response. Then whether you stay or go you’ll know that what you’re doing is His will for you (Romans 12:1-2).