Signs Of The Times


Re: Luke 21:25. What is meant by Perplexity at the waves and sea roaring? Is there some unusual event being foretold here like Tsunamis or is this something else? If so has anything like ever happened ? A storm at sea can be frightful but is a natural phenomena. Does this mean something we have never before seen?


In Luke 21:25 Jesus was talking about events leading up to the end times judgments which will get progressively worse as the time approaches. These events, called birth pangs, will all be things that have happened before but never with such frequently and intensity. In Luke 21:26 Jesus said they will actually cause men to feint from terror.

But in Luke 21:29 He said when all these things begin to take place, we who are believers should stand up and lift up our heads, because they mean our redemption is drawing near.