Understand The Signs Of The Times


I wanted to comment on your article about Mr. Obama possibly being the anti Christ. I agree with your article except I want to point out one thing that Christians seem to do that is so wrong and unscriptural.
My husband and I came out of 10 years of Jehovah’s witnesses and I am very leary of anyone setting dates. I can’t count how may times I have read articles that mention certain dates as “the one” and those dates have come and gone and we are still here and all we have done is to make people not want to believe anything we have to say.
I am born again and have been for a great many years, but I still cringe when I hear some one give a date as to the end, even tho they quickly add that “maybe” or “I could be wrong” or some such thing. I don’t think that these authors realize that there are many baby Christians out there that believe what they read, and then they are disappointed or angry or bewildered when the date passes and nothing happens. Just wanted to put my two cents worth in. We are going home, and only the Lord knows when.


Thanks for writing. I too have long avoided making any specific predictions on the timing of the rapture. And even now, I only give general information, being no more specific than the year in which it could possibly happen and basing my information on the most conservative estimates from Scripture.

I do this in accordance with the Lord’s command to “Let the reader understand” in Matt. 24:15, given in reference to the signs of the End of the Age.

Paul was equally clear. “But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day (the Day of the Lord) should surprise you like a thief.” (1 Thes. 5:4)

From these verses, it’s clear that we should study and learn so as not to taken by surprise. Yes, others have been wrong in the past. But that’s not a sufficient reason to deter us from our efforts in obeying these commands to understand the signs of the times.