Sinners In Heaven?


I am disturbed by your articles regarding habitual sinners in heaven. My first thought was, “Then what is the point of Jesus sacrifice if we can’t be overcomers?” I personally through the power of the Holy Spirit’s work in me (not my own power) have overcome alcoholism, fornication, and smoking. These took many years of struggle but the work of God in my life did it. So my thought is that if Jesus can do this for me, he will do it for anyone as they persevere.


Praise the Lord for the victories He has won in you, but don’t get the idea that you’re no longer a sinner. Many other Christians fight battles similar to yours and also experience success but they’re still sinners too. Paul could not completely overcome his sin nature (Romans 7:18-19) and neither can we. That’s why we need a Savior. The point of the Lord’s sacrifice was not to make bad people good. It was so dead people could live.

Everyone in heaven was a sinner while they were on Earth. It wasn’t until they died that they were freed from their sin nature and became fit to be in the presence of the Lord.