Sleeping in The New Jerusalem


My question has to do with Christ being the light and we will have no need for the sun to light our way in the New Jerusalem. I always thought that the Bible says that we will always have the seasons and night and day. Does this pertain only to the earth and not to The New Jerusalem and mean that we will not sleep like we do during our night now?


Since the New Jerusalem will be the source of light, it stands to reason that it’ll never go dark and Rev. 21:25 says there will be no night there. The day and night cycles were meant for earth, and will continue in the millennium. As to whether we’ll still sleep or not, I don’t know. Our mortal bodies need sleep to regenerate, and we know that being deprived of it can have serious health consequences. But our new bodies will be eternal and and will never suffer any sickness or pain, so they may not need sleep to stay healthy.