Soul Mates


What is your opinion of the idea that our soul is androgynous when created. And that before our soul is placed in our mother’s womb, it is split into male and female. We become one part and someone else becomes the other part. Therefore, finding our one true love is the actually reunification of our soul. Making the two into one again. I think that is a beautiful thing to believe. But does rejoicing in that belief make it so?


It is a beautiful fantasy from New Age philosophy, but there’s no Biblical support for it. The Bible says that God made some of mankind male and some female. (Genesis 1:27) It says when a man and woman come together in marriage “the two will become one” (Genesis 2:24). Each is a complete individual but they can become as one through years of mutual love and respect. This process is explained in Ephesians 5: 22-31. By prayerfully and faithfully practicing it, any man and woman can become so close it’s as if they’re one. Doing this is actually much more likely to produce “soul mates” than randomly searching through out the world for your “other half.”