Still More On God’s Wrath


You recently said that “The Book of Revelation clearly states that God’s wrath begins in Rev. 6 with the Seal Judgments.” I assume you are referring to Rev. 6:17. But this verse does not say “Thus says the Lord.” Rather, it says that men make this statement, not God, nor Jesus, nor an angel. How then can this be absolutely stated as the beginning of God’s wrath? Rev. 11 seems to indicate that “your wrath came” when the 7th Angel blew his trumpet. Also Rev. 16 states that the wrath of God are the seven bowl judgments associated with the 7th trumpet. Can you give some clarification on this? Also, you have done an incredible job bringing great Bible teaching to the web. I am very appreciative of your efforts.


If you’re saying that Rev. 6:16-17 may not be a reliable starting point because it’s man who will say, “His wrath has come”, and not the Lord or an angel, consider this. The Revelation was given to John by the Lord, and he recorded events as he witnessed them. Do you think the Lord would have allowed such an important thing as the beginning of the time of God’s wrath to be stated in His word incorrectly? After all the clearest verses on the timing of the rapture are given in relation to the time of God’s wrath (Romans 5:9, 1 Thes. 1:10, 1 Thes. 5:9).

In Rev. 11:18 John used the same past perfect tense that he used in Rev. 6:16, quoting the 24 elders as saying, “Your wrath has come” indicating that it started sometime previously.

Rev. 16:1 speaks of pouring out the seven bowls of God’s wrath on the Earth, but in Rev. 15:1 we read that these bowls are the last plagues because with them God’s wrath will be completed. Taken together these verses don’t say the bowl judgments will begin His wrath, only that they will bring about its end.