Still More On Tithing, Follow Up


I rarely, if ever offer a reply comment on your website. I have received many, many blessings from your teaching. From time to time I have disagreed with some comment you have made simply because you might have been correct and I might have been wrong. However, I have to take loving exception to your statement that “most people who argue against tithing are trying to justify their level of giving.” To make such a sweeping indictment against all who disagree with the “tithe” is not fair.

In many churches ill equipped financial leaders go into debt claiming to have “stepped out in faith” which results in driving the local church into financial trouble. Then they admonish their members to step out in faith and tithe so they might grow as Christians when in reality it’s so their dumb decisions might be underwritten. Tithing has also become a source of unhealthy pride as many “spiritually mature” church members have made sure that all the congregation knew they were tithers. In short it can become way too legalistic to older Christians and confusing to new ones.


You seem to be condemning an idea advanced by the Lord, simply because you’ve seen it misused by man. I said what I said because I’ve never heard a person who gives 10% or more to the Lord complain about tithing. It’s the ones who are giving less than 10% who object. People who tithe for the right reason, which is gratitude for what they’ve been given, wouldn’t think of stopping. In fact many look for opportunities to give more because they know from experience that generous voluntary giving is one of the best ways to assure financial blessing. They’ve proven the Lord’s promise that with the measure we use it will be measured to us (Luke 6:38). The Lord loves generous giving and rewards it with generous blessing.