Tithing Follow Up


Just in regards to the recent question on tithing…what happens if we don’t go to church? Usually the money would be given during the church service – but for Christians such as myself who don’t actually attend a church regularly, where should we send our money?

I’ve been thinking of maybe keeping the money aside for people in need (such as Christian charities/organizations, sponsoring children in poverty etc), but is this the way God’s portion should be spent? Or should I somehow keep it aside to offer to the Lord personally? I hope this makes sense!!


I’m not aware of any requirement that you give your tithe during a church service or even to a local congregation. The important thing is that this money is set aside and dedicated to the Lord’s use.

In ancient times, people set aside their tithes during the year and brought them to Jerusalem when they came for the Fall Feasts. Since there is no such centralization in the church today, you could set up a separate account, deposit your tithe there on a regular basis and distribute it to worthy causes as you felt the Lord leading you through prayer.

The motives of your heart in this matter are much more important than the mechanics of distribution. Setting a tenth of your income aside demonstrates your gratitude for the Lord’s generosity in providing for your sustenance. Giving to worthy causes is your way of sharing the Lord’s love with others.