Still More On Tribulation Martyrs


Are the first post rapture believers martyred for their faith Jews and Gentiles and if they are not part of the Church, are they still considered the Body of Christ and do they enter the New Jerusalem or the Kingdom? We have our new bodies, having been raptured already, so we must be in the New Jerusalem. Where are these souls who were martyred? I thought only the Church enters the New Jerusalem. Are the remaining saints, OT and New, Jew and Gentile, are in the Kingdom on Earth after the Second Coming?


The ethnic identity of the martyrs in Rev. 6 is not revealed. Tribulation martyrs are not part of the body of Christ. In the Book of Revelation we see references to their spirits and souls, but not to their ultimate physical locations.

The resurrection of those who will be beheaded during the Great tribulation will take place at the time of the 2nd Coming, and I think the other tribulation martyrs will be raised at the same time. I don’t believe any of them will live in the New Jerusalem The group from Rev. 7 will serve God in His Temple, and those beheaded during the Great Tribulation will assist us in reigning with Christ on Earth (Rev. 20:4). But no further information is available on the group from Rev. 6.