Struggling With Creation


I am a Christian. The one area I struggle with is the six day creation account in Genesis. I have a hard time reconciling the world being created in six days with the loads of evidence for the 13 billion year old universe and 4.5 billion year old Earth. Also, the universe and our solar system was created through colliding planets and exploding stars. Dinosaurs roamed the earth and then became extinct. This hardly seems like a paradise before Adam sinned in the Garden. Was only the Garden a paradise? Perhaps there was still chaos outside of the garden and before the Garden was created?


Many Christians have this problem. The “scientific” explanation of creation has been so thoroughly ingrained in our minds that many Christians never consider the possibility that things might have happened a different way. Even in your question you state things as if they are facts when in actuality they are only theories. True science requires observation and there was no scientific observation of the creation. It was only witnessed by one person, God, and He gave us His eye witness account.

His account was the very first word we have from Him, and our whole relationship is based on our belief that He always tells us the truth. On the other hand “science” is continually evolving as experience shows that things men thought were true at one time have been disproved by things more recently discovered.

So here is the choice we all have to make. Do we believe God, the only eyewitness, upon whom we’ve staked our eternal destiny? Or do we believe men who can only speculate about these things based on incomplete knowledge and have a history of changing their story?

Fortunately our salvation does not depend upon our acceptance of the Bible’s creation account. But if we can’t believe the first thing God told us, how can we justify believing anything else He has told us, like His promise to save us for example?