Struggling With Forgiveness


I’m a Christian, but I struggle with forgiveness. Recently, I had several co-workers and supervisors who seriously hurt me with their words and deeds. I became so bitter that I began to hate them. I knew this was wrong, therefore, I asked God to take the hate I had for them away.

Eventually, the hate began to fade, but I never could forgive them. Although I worked with them daily, I would do every thing in my power to avoid them. When I had a chance to move to another state I reasoned with myself by saying “once I relocate, I won’t have to deal with them anymore, therefore, it will be easier for me to forgive them”.

I’ve now relocated, but I’m convicted every time I think about not forgiving them when I worked with them. Does God frown on the fact that I was not strong enough to forgive them when I should have forgiven them?


Every day is a new day with God. Although he says that He can’t forgive us for our anger until we forgive others for the hurt they’ve caused us (Matt. 6:14-15) He never says, “Too late. You should have done it earlier.”

Ask Him to forgive them and you, and send them a card or eMail to tell them you’ve forgiven them. Chances are they won’t even know that you’ve been angry all this time.

But regardless of their response, the important thing is that you forgive them from your heart and be restored to fellowship with the Lord. He will bless you for doing so because in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).