Talmud of Immanuel


I have been reading something that says the Talmud of Immanuel was the original Book of Mathew in Aramaic. I would like your insight into this. It makes me wonder if this is leading people to believe in the Antichrist. It seems very misleading and does not fit with the translation of the Abomination of Desolation translation.


Most scholars view the so-called Talmud of Immanuel as a rather obvious hoax that cannot stand up under scrutiny.

It was supposedly written by Judas Iscariot, who claimed to be the only literate disciple, and contains, in the words of one reviewer, a “no-frills New Age theme. The spiritual message of the Talmud of Immanuel is both enlightening and inspiring for one whose belief system does not oppose certain basics of New Age thought.”

While having some similarity to the Book of Matthew, the two books each contain much that isn’t found in the other.

The question you have to ask yourself about books like this is that if the Bible is God’s Word whose writers were inspired by the Holy Spirit, how can a book like this one that makes claims that are in direct conflict with it also be inspired?

Some of these claims are that Jesus was working with an alien group from the Constellation of Seven Stars who had been supervising humans for 10,000 years, that He survived the cross by receiving medical attention during his 3 days in the tomb, and that after being seen by His disciples he went to Damascus for several years before beginning his travels to other parts of the world. Claims like this are not part of any other ancient writing, either by his friends or enemies.