The Appearance Of Evil

Q. What verses in the Bible state that a man and woman (involved in a relationship) should not live together before they are married? While it would obviously be sinful if they were sexually involved with each other, what if they weren’t?

I remember reading about a verse that admonished such a thing, but in reading some of your answers regarding cohabitation, it seems as though you defined it as sinful when the partners were active with each other.

A. Yes, in my answers I was assuming that a romantically involved couple living together would be acting is if they were married. The Bible prohibits fornication (sex outside of marriage) and adultery (sex with someone other than a spouse) but as far as I can tell does not specifically prohibit people of different sexes living together. That prohibition has traditionally been a cultural barrier designed to prevent breaking God’s laws, and to avoid even the appearance of evil.(1 Thes. 5:22)

I think it’s safe to say that most people would assume that a romantically involved couple living together was having sex, even if they weren’t. This is what is meant by the appearance of evil.

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