Will I Also Be Perfect In Appearance?


I come from a family where the women have big hips and some are just plain fat all over. I am over weight and I know the Lord wants us to take care of our bodies. My question may be insignificant to some but to me it is important. I have had to deal with being made fun of when I was over weight and then had to deal with negative comments for my wide hips when I was at my perfect weight. No matter if I was fat or skinny I always had negative comments made about my shape. So, when I get to heaven is God going to give me a perfect shaped body? Or will I still look like an hour glass that was blown up a little to much. I know I shouldn’t even worry about that but after being treated this way it would be nice to finally be proportioned positively.


No one knows what we’ll look like after the rapture (1 John 3:2). But you will be perfect in God’s sight and will never again experience any disappointment or dissatisfaction where your physical appearance is concerned.