The Body Of Christ


Thank you for always giving scriptural references for you answers. I heard a pastor yesterday saying that we (believers) are literally the body of Christ. I wanted to know more about that comment and how it aligns itself to scripture.


According to John 17:23 Jesus dwells in us. While the Bible doesn’t say so in so many words, it’s reasonable to assume that when someone needs a hug from Him, He might use our arms to give it. When He wants to extend a hand, ours could be the hand He uses. When He smiles at someone, it’s our face the person sees and when he expresses His love it’s often through our eyes. When he has a message to send, we’re the ones who deliver it. Even though there’s no chapter and verse on this we’ve all experienced it, either as the giver or the receiver. So in that sense, we are literally the body of Christ.