The Bridal Week


In Genesis 29:27 – 35, I find it curious that Jacob was to complete Leah’s Week amidst a group of 7 years for the hand (if you will) of both Leah and Rachel. I’m assuming that the week with Leah was an actual 7 day week and not a week of 7 years? Does the story of Jacob with Laban working for Leah and Rachel have any indications of timing in Israel’s end time scenario?


When Jacob woke up the morning after his wedding he discovered he had married the wrong woman! (Maybe this was history’s first “morning after.”) Laban told him to complete Leah’ bridal week, her honeymoon, and then he could work another 7 years for Rachael only his time he got Rachael in advance instead of having to wait seven years for the one he really loved.

According to Jewish wedding customs, the bride and groom were hidden away for a week (7 days) to get acquainted before making their first public appearance as man and wife since they typically would not have spent any time alone together before their wedding. This is the Bridal week Laban referred to.

The way the time becomes important is that if these customs are followed in the marriage of the Lord and the Church, as we believe they will be, we’ll spend Daniel’s 70th week (7 years) hidden away with the Lord before making our first public appearance as co-regent with our King at the 2nd Coming. Since Daniel’s 70th week includes the Great Tribulation, this is consistent with Pre-Trib Rapture doctrine. While the people of earth are living through events foretold in the Book of Revelation, the Church will be hidden away in Heaven with the Lord for our Bridal week.