The Case Of The Deviled Ham


I had a question about the demons/devils Jesus cast out of the man in Mark 5 (a man with an unclean spirit), and in Matthew 8 two men (there met him two possessed with devils) and in Luke 8 (there met him out of the city a certain man, which had devils long time). Curious why Mark and Luke say 1 and Mathew says 2 but more curious why the demons/devils wanted to get cast into the swine? What were their other options? And what happened to the demons/devils when the swine drowned themselves?


There’s no clear explanation for why Matthew mentioned 2 men while Mark and Luke mentioned only one. Some say Mark and Luke only noted the more dominant of the two men while Matthew included both but shows them speaking as one. Regardless of the reason this difference does not impact the outcome of the event. Apparently evil spirits seek embodiment and even inhabiting pigs was preferable to what ever alternatives they had. The Bible doesn’t reveal these nor does it mention what happened to the evil spirits when the pigs drowned, but my guess is they wound up wishing Jesus hadn’t come along that day.