The Case Of The Deviled Ham


In Matt. 8:28-34 Jesus cast a number of demons out of 2 men in into a herd of pigs who then plunged into the Sea of Galilee. Mark and Luke both say there was only one man and locate the event in a different place.

Is this the same event, a contradiction, or just a different aspect from the Gospel writers being told? Are Gergesenes and Gadarenes the same? Did Luke focus on the one man and the details about him rather than two men like Matthew and Mark do?


The area is identified by three different names, depending on the source manuscript used. Some call it Gadarenes after the city of Gadara 6 miles south of the Sea of Galilee. Others call it Gerasenes, or Gergesenes after the region’s capital City of Gerasa, about 30 miles further south. We not given any reason why Matthew describes 2 men while Mark and Luke mention only one. Even so, almost all scholars agree that it was the same event.