The Cherubim In Eden


I was just wondering, do you suppose the Cherubim guards that were posted at the entrance to the Garden of Eden remain posted today? After the expulsion Eden is never really mentioned again and I was just wondering if any remnants of it would still be around today in this physical world, if so, it seems the Cherubim should be there too. I know scripture is silent on it though.


Traditionally, scholars have placed the Garden of Eden in modern Iraq. In 1991 Saddam Hussein ordered the wetlands that some say mark the spot drained to punish local residents there. Today scientists are helping locals restore the historic wetlands.

Genesis 3:24 says the Cherubim were stationed there to guard the way to the tree of life, as opposed to keeping Adam from it . This is the first hint that Adam’s expulsion and the curse on the creation that accompanied it would someday be reversed. If so, then they’re still there, awaiting the restoration of the creation (Matt. 19:28, Romans 8:19-23, Acts 3:21).

Non-Biblical sources claim that the original altar was located where the cherubim were stationed and that’s where our first ancestors brought their sin offerings as described in Genesis 4. The flaming sword supposedly consumed the offerings, setting aside the sins of the people in the pre-flood world.