The Choice Is Clear


I have a question about Elisha in 2 Kings 2. Why did he pronounce a curse on children for mocking him about a physical characteristic, and then why did God honor it? It seems like such a drastic response to have bears attack children for mocking. What would be a lesson we today could learn from the story?


Even after the miracle on Mt. Carmel, Israel was still divided over idolatry. (It would eventually result in their defeat.) Elisha’s first two miracles are meant to be seen together as the choice God was offering to Israel. Those who sought Him would be blessed (healing of the well, vs. 19-23) while those who rejected him would be punished (mauled by bears, vs. 23-25)

The world is again divided over religion, and this same clear choice is being offered to us. Those who call upon the Lord will be blessed (Rapture) while those who reject Him will be punished (Tribulation)