The Church In Heaven


I listened to your commentary at the end of Revelation in regards to the New Earth. First, I understand that the church will reside in the New Jerusalem. But will we (the church) have the ability, right, or desire to interface with the New Earth and its inhabitants? And if the church is supposed to go to heaven to be with Jesus, then how can he set up shop in the New Earth at the same time? Jesus as flesh and blood can only be in one place at one time. How does that work? Finally, if the church is in heaven what point would there be to have a physical glorified body? Why not just have spirit?


The Bible is silent on some of these details, but I believe we’ll go to the New Jerusalem immediately after the rapture and remain there until after the Great Tribulation, when we’ll descend from Heaven to the vicinity of Earth for the duration of the Millennium (Rev. 21:2).

During the Millennium I think we’ll have both the desire and the freedom to visit Earth whenever we like, but no one from Earth will be able to visit us (Rev. 21:27). I don’t see any problem with Jesus living in the New Jerusalem but reigning on Earth. After all, the two will be close to each other and He can travel at the speed of thought.

As for receiving our glorified bodies the Bible promises this will happen at the time of the rapture (1 Cor. 15:51-53), so they must be necessary in order for us to receive the full benefit of our eternal destiny.