The Church In Rev. 12?


Thank you so very much for all the great work you do, I’ve learned so much from you. I see the church in heaven in Rev. 4:4 as the elders clothed in white robes, then we see the church coming with Jesus in Rev.19:14. My question for you is, do I see the church in heaven in Rev. 12:10-12 also? It sure looks like the church to me.


Rev. 12:10 describes the scene in Heaven just after Satan has been banished to Earth, and marks the beginning of the Lord’s campaign to regain control of planet Earth.

Rev. 12:11 describes believers from all ages who have been subjected to Satan’s accusations, some even to the point of martyrdom. Remember it’s not just the Church that is saved by the blood of the Lamb, but all believers since the creation. The Book of Job was probably the first book of the Bible to be written and it begins with Satan accusing Job before God.

Rev. 12:12 instructs the people in heaven to rejoice that the devil has been hurled down, but woe to those on Earth because the devil is about to indwell the anti-Christ to kick off the Great Tribulation.