The Coming Leader. Follow Up


I am totally astonished by your reference to the antichrist being crippled in one arm and blinded in his right eye using Zech: 11.17. In all my long years of being a Christian I have never heard this before and never read that verse until today. I have always believed the antichrist will actually be killed and rise again on the third day in an imitation of Jesus Christ. Can you give me other scriptures that corroborate this version you have?


This is not my opinion, but is widely taught by others as well. God, being the author of life, is the only one who can cause a legitimate resurrection. Satan can only counterfeit God’s works so even though the anti-Christ will appear to have been resurrected, it won’t be a true resurrection and as we can see from Zechariah 11:17 it won’t even be a perfect counterfeit.

In Rev. 13:1-3 we’re introduced to the anti-Christ as a beast with 7 heads and 10 horns. This is symbolic language, since no man looks like this. Rev. 13:3 tells us one of his heads will “seem” to have had a fatal wound. This word means it was like, or appeared to be, a fatal wound. If the anti-Christ was really killed, John wouldn’t have said the wound appeared to be fatal, but that it was fatal.

Also the term seven heads symbolizes supernatural wisdom. He will actually only have one head. By saying only one of his heads suffered what appeared to be a fatal wound John was telling us the anti-Christ won’t really be dead, but will only be incapacitated. When a person dies all of his wisdom dies with him so in the symbolism of the passage a true assassination would mean all seven heads would have to die.