The Coming Leader. Follow Up


In your article “The Coming Leader”, you specify that he will use Ezekiel 48 to show that the new temple doesn’t belong on the current temple mount. Can you clarify this, please? Is this true, or is it something the leader is going to “spin”? I read Ezekiel 48 and it just seems to talk about dividing up the land.


Plotting the land grants listed in Ezekiel 48 on a map of Israel reveals some interesting information. One is that all of Lebanon, which was originally part of the Promised Land, will once again belong to Israel. Another is that the special gift mentioned in Ezek. 48:8 where the sanctuary (Temple) will be located is not in present day Jerusalem but 20 miles north in the ancient city of Shiloh. This is where the Tabernacle was first erected in the Promised Land and remained for 400 years. And finally you’ll see that an entire new holy city will be built there called Jehovah Shammah. Jerusalem will still exist, but the Temple will no longer be on the current Temple Mount. This was first illustrated by Clarence Larkin about 100 years ago in his book “Dispensational Truth” but has been largely ignored. You can read more about this in my study on the coming temple.