The Death Of An Infant


A terrible terrible event just took place and as a Christian I have been called upon to comment. My son’s niece had her first baby. Yesterday we had a shower for them with the christening to take place today. Now the sad part. The baby was laying in bed with both parents and when they awoke the baby was dead. What a sad turn of events. Could you give me any strength to pass on?


I’ve known several tragedies like this, and they are truly a shock to one’s system. I think it’s vital to remember that God didn’t cause this, nor are the parents being punished. Jesus bore our punishment on the cross, and because of that God has made peace with us (Colossians 1:19-20). Premature deaths happen in this world because it’s a dark and sinful place, and that’s Satan’s doing.

Also, God sees these things differently from us. From His perspective a child has been spared a lifetime of trials and disappointments, and contamination from sin, and gone straight to the eternal reward promised to believers, for all children under the age of reason belong to the Lord (Romans 7:9).

Funerals are for the living, not the dead. If the parents are believers you can speak of a temporary separation, remind them of the great reunion that’s coming, and reassure them of their child’s happiness. You can also remind everyone not to be sad for what the child will miss, but for those who will miss the child. The baby is happier than any of us will ever be until we leave this place, too.