The Devastating Consequences Of Ignorance


Re: Fulfilling God’s Will? You said, “Because of this they were completely ignorant of the signs of the times in which they lived, and rejected the King they had been waiting over 2000 years for. Sadly, much of the “church” has made the same mistake and for the most part, is just as ignorant of the signs of our times. The results will be just as devastating.”

It’s true and a bit depressing that comparatively few Christians are interested in studying the prophecies of His return, and I understand how devastating that was for Israel to pay no attention to the evidence. They still suffer the judgmental consequences. Can you please explain your last statement as to how ignorance in the church will be just as devastating?


Notice the quotation marks around the word “church”. They mean I’m using the word in its broadest possible sense to include both those who are part of the Church and those who only think they are. There are lots of people who self identify as Christians. They attend religious services on Sunday mornings, contribute to their church’s support, and do good works. They think they’re in the Church, but reject the idea that they have to be born again to be saved. They think that belonging to a church and trying to live a good life is all that’s necessary. They don’t believe that Jesus is God in human form and may not even believe in His resurrection. They have no idea He’s coming back to judge the world and wouldn’t believe it if you told them.

They are people we call “Christians in name only” and they make up a substantial portion of the “church.” After the rapture, many who are left behind will become true believers while others will not. But believer or not, they’ll all suffer through the end times judgments, and the results will be devastating. This will be especially true for those who never become believers because they will face eternal separation from God.

“I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless He is born again” (John 3:3)