The EU And The 10 Horns Of Daniel 7


As you know, biblical prophecy is a great evangelistic tool. It presents relevance to the skeptic. What’s difficult for me when discussing the EU as a fulfillment of prophecy is trying to spin the “Ten Horns” into a 27 nation confederacy? If the Anti-Christ rules over the entire world (not just the EU) then how does that fit into a revived Rome? Rome did not rule over Japan or Canada or the U.S., for that matter. Who and where are the ten nations? You’d think they would have surfaced by now as a specific group and not just a symbol.


Although the EU keeps growing there have never been more than 10 full and permanent members; Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, England, Portugal and Spain. They’re called the WEU and wield all the power of the organization. All the rest are associate members.

In view of the anti-Christ’s world domination it seems more likely that the EU will just be one of the regional governments that will soon span the globe. The current controversy over the supposed formation of a North American Union, consisting of the US, Canada, and Mexico would be another such regional affiliation. Similar movements are also said to be underway in South America, the Far East, Africa, and Moslem countries of the Middle East. So at least 6 of these regions may have been identified. If this is the case, then a total of 10 regional governments will formed to fulfill the 10 horns prophecy of Daniel 7:7.

The Roman Empire did rule over the known world of the time, stretching from England all the way to the Middle East and parts of Africa. But the revived Roman Empire is thought to also include the territories of Rome’s successors, like Spain and Great Britain, whose combined colonies did at various times did include all of the Western Hemisphere and much of the Far East.