The Gospel of Judas.


I was just wondering what your opinion is on this Gospel of Judas that has mysteriously shown up recently. I know Paul says not to accept any Gospel other than the one he preached. I really don’t believe this Gospel of Judas is true and I’m very suspicious of it since it apparently was written by gnostics. I would love to know your “take” on it.


The Gospel of Judas, written in the 2nd century, was condemned as heresy nearly 1800 years ago by early church leaders. It promotes the gnostic error, that salvation is attained through the acquisition of secret knowledge rather than faith in the Lord’s atoning death on the cross. It’s 26 pages long and mentions neither the crucifixion nor the resurrection, but has Jesus promising to convey to Judas the secret knowledge he desired and thanking him for his act of betrayal.

I think unbelievers tried to make a big deal out of it like they did about the Gospel of Thomas a few years earlier, but to no avail. It’s discovery was originally promoted by National Geographic, a non-religious group.