The Great Pause, Follow Up


In reference to the great pause, are you saying people will not be filled with the Holy Spirit the moment they are saved like we are now? Will everyone even gentiles have to do what the Jews do (sacrificing etc). If that is so and since Jesus died for everyone, past, present, and future and was the ultimate sacrifice then what is the point of the cross? All of our sins are forgiven and remembered no more, right?


Remember, the Age of the Church was just a pause in the Age of Law. The Holy Spirit was not sealed in believers before the Church and won’t be afterward either. As for the sacrifices, there will only be one Temple, it will be in Israel, and it will only be usable in the first half of Daniel’s 70th Week. (Daniel 9:27 says the Abomination of Desolation will cause the practice of animal sacrifice to cease at its mid point.) So Gentile believers won’t be involved in animal sacrifice at all. This was also true in Old Testament times.

Remember also that the sacrifices never saved anyone, even in the Old Testament. Whether there were sacrifices or not, people were only saved by their faith that the Lord’s death paid for their sins. That’s always been true and that’s the point of the cross. The sacrifices were required to fulfill the Law, not to grant anyone salvation. During the Age of the Church the Law was suspended, but was not abolished.