The Great Pause, More Follow Up


Are you saying that after the Rapture, one must believe in Jesus ‘and’ subscribe to the Law? The plan obviously shifts to Israel but does this mean that no Gentiles have a chance after the Rapture? What is the purpose of the sacrifices in the Temple then? Is it only for the Jew? Which blood atonement will God recognize, that of the animals for the last 7 years or that of His Son? Will there be no grace after the Rapture?


Just after the Mark of the Beast is introduced, God will send an angel to warn the people of earth to refuse the mark or suffer eternal consequences. Rev. 14:12 says, “This calls for patient endurance on the part of the saints who obey God’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus.” Like it was in the time before the Church, when faith had to be evidenced by obedience, so will it be after we’re gone. Remember, the Church didn’t end the Age of Law, it just interrupted it seven years short of its appointed time.

There has only ever been one blood atonement for our sins, and that’s the blood of Jesus. The sacrifice of animals delays the judgment, but doesn’t eliminate it.

The only Temple will be in Israel, so as a practical matter only those living there will participate in the sacrificial system. And even then only until the abomination of desolation makes the Temple unusable in the middle of the last 7 years (Daniel 9:27).

Although ultimately all men are saved by grace, the Doctrine of Grace as it’s put forth in Ephesians 2:8-9 will expire with the Rapture. After that salvation will be by faith in Jesus as evidenced by obedience to the Commandments, whether Jew or Gentile.