The Great White Throne Judgement?


I have a question regarding the Great White Throne Judgement. I would like to know the point of this judgement. If people who have rejected Christ in life and are currently in Hell awaiting the second death along with all those in the tribulation who have rejected him, then why have this judgement if they are already going to the lake of fire? It says in scripture that Hell gave up all her dead and they all faced judgement, but I do not understand the point of it.


People in hell today are being “held for trial.” At the Great White throne judgment they will stand before their Creator, give account for their lives, and receive their sentence.  This is a once for all time judgment that will involve unbelievers from all ages including the just completed Millennium.

We might think their destiny is a foregone conclusion but God is just and will give each one his or her chance to present a defense.