The Importance Of Being Born Again


Thank you for your interesting site. You have probably covered this but I would appreciate your opinion on why Jesus was so adamant that in John 3:3 and 5 we must be born of water and the spirit or we cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Is it your view that this is pertaining to the rapture and the withdrawing of the Holy Spirit from earth? If so ,will those ‘nominal’ christians who have not been born again be unable to be raptured?


Since the Lord clearly said that we cannot enter the Kingdom unless we’re born again (John 3:3), it stands to reason that only born again Christians will be raptured. Being born of water refers to the physical (1st) birth and being born of the Spirit is the spiritual (2nd) birth. That’s what being born again means. It happens when we declare our belief that the Lord Jesus died for our sins and ask Him to be our Savior. Only those who have made such a declaration will participate in the Rapture.