The Importance Of Blood In The Bible


I would love to understand the complete meaning and importance of “blood”. It seems to be very important to our Salvation. I know the bible tells us that life is in the blood and also that there is no remission of sin without the shedding of blood. But it seems all kinds of cults and occult practices also place importance on “blood”. Can you explain why blood seems to be an important part of all religious practices?


Following the principle of first mention, where the first time a topic is mentioned in the Bible it usually reveals some indication of its importance, we look at Genesis 4:10 where God speaks of Abel’s blood crying from the ground. Did the Spirit of God hear the spirit of Abel crying in the agony of death through his blood? It would seem so.

Then in Genesis 9:4, where God first approved eating meat, He prohibited eating meat that hadn’t properly “bled out” because there was still blood in the meat and the life is in the blood.

In Genesis 9:6 He first instituted capital punishment saying, “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man his blood will be shed.” This was later summarized as “a life for a life”.

The shedding of innocent blood is the remedy for sin. First came the temporary remedy, an innocent animal, and then the permanent one when the Lord’s own blood was shed. Once again we see a life for a life, so it appears God equates blood with life.

These are just examples. For a greater understanding of its meaning, I suggest you follow the appearances of blood in the Bible, focusing on places where it’s mentioned in a theological context.

Contrary to the opinions of non-believers, the true religion came first. All the pagan religions are corruptions of the original. This is why you often see bits and pieces of Biblical truth in false religions and explains why blood figures prominently in many of them.