The Jewish Temples


Can you explain the different temples described in the Bible in Jerusalem. One that has always puzzled me is Solomon’s vs. Ezekiel.


The Bible mentions three Temples. Solomon’s is first . It was built in about 950 BC and destroyed by the Babylonians in 586.

Then came Zerubabel’s Temple also known as the 2nd Temple and Herod’s Temple. It was destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans.

Ezekiel’s Temple hasn’t been built yet. It’s often called the Millennial Temple because most scholars believe that it’s intended for use during the Lord’s 1000 year reign, which follows the 2nd Coming.

Some students of prophecy see a 4th Temple based on their interpretation of Rev. 11:1-2 that they call the Tribulation Temple. They believe that a Temple will be built in Israel during Daniel’s 70th week and destroyed at the 2nd Coming and then Ezekiel’s Temple will be built. Others believe that it’s Ezekiel’s Temple that’s built during the 70th week and that it’s cleansed at the 2nd Coming to serve during the Millennium. Jews call Ezekiel’s Temple the 3rd Temple.