Three Temples Or Four?


I am struggling with the 3rd temple predictions. When I read your article it all seems clear in my mind, but when I check against other peoples opinions (all from on-line sources), I get jumbled again.

One theory I read stated that there could be a fourth temple. Soon after Ezekiel’s war a 3rd temple is built with MOST people predicting it will be in Jerusalem, on or near the Temple Mount. Could the possibility exist that the Temple Ezekiel describes in 40 really be a 4th temple built for the Millennial Kingdom, by the Lord in Shiloh, which would validate a 3rd temple built by the Jews proceeding Messiah’s return being completely destroyed in the great earthquake after Armageddon? What am I missing, or just not grasping?


Lots of people think there’ll be 4 Temples, but they’re all Christians. The Jews, who are going to build and use it say there’ll only be three and the 3rd one is Ezekiel’s. I think the Bible agrees.

Also, everyone today is focused on where the Temple was as if the next one will be there too. But I don’t think there’ll ever be another one there.

I think that after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 people will start looking at where the Bible locates the next Temple, not at where the last one was. A clue to that is how Revelation 11 distinguishes between the Holy City where the Temple is in verse 2 and the great city where the Lord was crucified in verse 8, as if they’re not the same place.