Three Temples Or Four?


Does the Bible mention three Temples or four? I have noticed a number of prophecy teachers making mention of the Millennial temple as being the 4th Temple, but I thought I read where you said it’s the third one. Which is correct?


The idea of four temples comes from Christian commentators. Jewish scholars only speak of three, Solomon’s Temple, Zerubabbel /Herod’s Temple, and Ezekiel’s Temple. Somewhere along the way someone postulated that the third Temple would be used during Daniel’s 70th Week and defiled by the anti-Christ to begin the Great Tribulation. Then it will be destroyed and Ezekiel’s Temple will be built at the beginning of the Millennium, making it number 4.

The Bible does not clearly specify how many temples there will be, leaving the matter open for speculation. It’s my personal belief that Ezekiel’s temple will be built at the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week, defiled by the anti-Christ in the middle and then cleansed for use in the Millennium, making Ezekiel’s temple the third and final one.

I have explained the reasoning behind my coming to this conclusion in my study called The Coming Temple.