The Jews And The Millennial Temple


My question is: Is the millennial temple the same as the one the Jews are preparing now?


According to Jewish theology there are only three Temples in the Bible. Two have been destroyed and one is yet to come. That’s the one the Jews are preparing for now. They call it the 3rd Temple or Ezekiel’s Temple, because it’s described in Ezekiel 40-46. (Millennium is a Christian term from the Latin translation of Rev. 20:2 that Jewish people don’t use.)

Some Christians believe there will be two more temples, one for the Tribulation and one for the Millennium. They base this on Rev. 11:1-2 where John is told to measure the Temple. They believe this “Tribulation” Temple is the one the Jews are preparing for and that it will be destroyed after the anti-Christ defiles it. Then Ezekiel’s Temple, the Millennial Temple, will be built after the 2nd coming. Others, like myself, believe the Tribulation temple and Ezekiel’s Temple are one and the same.