The Millennial Temple


I understand that the Jews will set up the temple during the 70th Week and resume animal sacrifices again. What happens after the tribulation and the millennial reign of Christ starts. Will they then worship Christ like the gentiles and will the temple still be used?


Ezekiel 40-48 document the Temple’s use during the Millennium in great detail. There will be some similarities to the past and many differences.

For example the interior will be all wood, not gold plated as in the past, and the stone of the altar will be dressed not simply rough hewn. There will be no incense altar, no menorah, no ark, and no laver. The representations of cherubim will have only two faces, the man and the lion, not four. There will be priests (but no High Priest) who will perform daily offerings for the sin of the people. They’ll celebrate Passover (but without a lamb) Unleavened bread and Tabernacles, but not the other Levitical feasts.

There are many other dimensional and ritual differences as well. A study of these chapters in Ezekiel is quite revealing of Millennial times in Israel. One thing stands out. Worship in the Millennium will be a lot more like it was in Israel during Old Testament times than it is in the Church during New Testament times. The Temple will see daily use throughout the Millennium.